Set Your Child on the Path to Better Dental Health

Ask us about our child dentistry services in Lake Como, NJ

Fear of dental appointments often starts at an early age. Wouldn't you prefer that your child grows up without the pain and stress associated with traditional dentistry? At Dr. Piela Holistic Dentistry, we offer holistic child dentistry services that will change the way you think about the dentist's office in Lake Como, NJ.

Dr. Piela only uses noninvasive, nonsurgical methods to treat and prevent dental issues. Child dentistry visits at our office exclude the painful and excessive dental procedures you'll find at conventional locations. Call 732-280-9700 today make an appointment for our child dentistry services.

Child dentistry involves more than just standard teeth cleanings. As our mouths develop, tightening arches and airways can lead to a host of other issues. Our VIVOS treatments can potentially aid in:

  • School performance
  • Child behavioral issues
  • Social or home issues
The VIVOS treatment is noninvasive and painless. A simple retainer can be worn throughout the night to aid in proper development. Schedule a visit with Dr. Piela to see if your child could benefit from VIVOS child dentistry procedures in Lake Como, NJ.