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Does the thought of a dentist's office fill you with dread? Most people imagine high-pitched drills and strange chemical smells. But what if there was a better path to clean and healthy teeth? Contact Dr. Piela Holistic Dentistry to speak with a local dentist offering safe, alternative methods.

Dr. Piela has over 25 years of experience providing holistic dentistry services. Call 732-280-9700 today to schedule an appointment with a local dentist in Lake Como, NJ.

What is alternative dentistry?

At its core, holistic dentistry takes a whole-body approach to promote total wellness through proper dental care. With clear links shown between a healthy mouth and the rest of the body, holistic dentistry services will play an important role in your overall health. At Dr. Piela Holistic Dentistry, we follow holistic principles like:

  • Avoiding and eliminating toxins in dental materials
  • Choosing natural remedies for pain
  • Using proper nutrition to prevent and reverse dental diseases
  • Trusting nonsurgical approaches to gum disease


Contact us today to learn more about our holistic methods and treatments to fight gum disease and tooth decay.



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