Enjoy a Better Night's Sleep

Discover a natural sleep apnea treatment in Lake Como, NJ

Do you suffer from diagnosed sleep apnea and airway issues? Many resort to a loud and intrusive CPAP machine for the rest of their lives. Don't let sleep apnea take control of your life. Contact Dr. Piela Holistic Dentistry for a noninvasive sleep apnea treatment in Lake Como, NJ.

Our sleep disorder treatment uses a simple appliance to widen your archway and airways. Call 732-280-9700 today to learn more about the VIVOS sleep disorder treatment.

The VIVOS sleep disorder treatment can also help with several other health disorders caused by narrow archways. The appliance has been known to:

  • Improve breathing and prevent snoring
  • Relieve pain from TMJ
  • Boost overall health from sound sleep and proper breathing
Once you start to get the recommended amount of sleep, you'll experience more energy, better moods and boosted metabolism. Speak with us today to schedule your VIVOS sleep apnea treatment in Lake Como, NJ.