Remove Toxic Mercury Fillings

Trust us for safe and effective amalgam removal in Lake Como, NJ

We follow the Hal Huggins protocol for amalgam removal.

Though mercury fillings or amalgams continue to be used throughout the world, there is mounting evidence that these unnatural fillings could be causing toxic elements to seep into your body. Do you have multiple fillings in your mouth? Contact Dr. Piela Holistic Dentistry today to schedule an amalgam removal service in Lake Como, NJ.

Mercury filling removal is painless and noninvasive. We safely remove amalgams without exposing our patients to toxic byproducts. Call 732-280-9700 today to learn more about our amalgam removal services in Lake Como, NJ.

How do we ensure that this procedure is completed safely?

Before we plan the amalgam removal and replacement procedure, Dr. Piela Holistic Dentistry will conduct an exam to determine the best treatment option. You can rely on us to keep you informed throughout the mercury filling removal process. We take all the necessary precautions to keep you and our staff protected from mercury toxicity. This includes rubber dams, cooling and filtered office air. Trust us to provide you with a list of "dos" and "don'ts" to prepare for your treatment.

You can rest assured that your amalgam removal procedure will be handled without any problems.

Silver mercury fillings, or amalgams, have been used as far back as the 1830s with well-documented negative effects. Speak with us today if you have mercury fillings, bridges or crowns. Our mercury filling removal process follows careful steps to detach the dental material without the need for anesthesia or other harmful chemicals.

Speak with us today to see if you could benefit from an amalgam removal appointment.